"Crowns in my purse I have, and goods at home,And so am come abroad to see the world."This verse of William Shakespeare could be one of chef Ippei Uemura motto creating TABI.

TABI, means "Trip" in Japanese,It standS for the "huge trip" chef Ippei Uemura made from His natal Japan to His adoption Provence,

It standS for the "cooking road trip" made from Japanese traditional cooking technics to typical Mediterranean products,

It standS for the "time trip" from centuries old cooking technics and new technologies to show it,

It standS for the "style trip" where Japanese gastronomy mixES with terroirs of Provence to offer gourmet, what the great Provence writer  Jean Giono called "an immobile trip"

most of all IT standS fot the "gastronomic trip" you are invited to join, to find out, at the end, beautiful memories and THE will to come back!


Menu "The Trip"                                                                      



Fried squid marinated with garlic and saké, parsley

Nakaochi tuna tartar, eggplant fried in chicken sauce, breaded quail egg skewer and caramel sauce, bass carpaccio with pesto and marinated daikon, braised salsify

Lobster egg flan with chawan mushi and bottarga

Sashimi of the day

Stewed octopus sakurani way, caviar, fennel, pumpkin, carrot, endive

Charcoal grilled eel

Fried whiting with dragon ball buckwheat noodle Merlan

Tomato water, fenel puree, aosa salt

Entrecôte saikyo way , spring onion

Sushi, lobster, marinated mackerel, tuna, squid with shiso

Raspberry Daifuku Dessert, Yuzu Green Tea Jelly, Chestnut Nerikiri 

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